Taking a look at our country today

       Several happenings here and there

       People wondering what’s going on

        We all ask why? 
        Various calamities in diverse ways

        Suffering has become a lifestyle to some 

        Pains and agonies all around 

        Our only question is why? 
       Survival of the fittest is the watchword 

       Just existing without a hope of tomorrow 

       Begging has been taken up as a profession 

       And all we can say is why?
      With the happenings all around me

       Looking up to heaven for a solution

       Having hope of a better tomorrow

       I have learnt never to ask why?
This year, learn not to ask why while you are passing through challenging situations, look up to God and he would see you through. God is unquestionable. 
Photo credit: dreams time.com.