The search for love was a journey I embarked on 

From every Tom, Dick, and Harry 

The more I searched I got pushed away 

I drew a conclusion that love was vague 
A ‘special friend’ came along my way 

His hands of love he extended to me 

I declined initially because of deep seated ideologies

But fell head over hills ‘cos the love looked so true 

The love I sought I found at last albeit tainted with lust 

I gave my heart,  I gave my all to my newly found lover 

I became lost in lust, broken and battered 

Alas! I realised I was a fool in the pursuit of love

I gave up on love and bottled up wresentment 

I despised anyone that dared crossed my path

A wall of hatred I built in my heart 

Bitter and shattered all along 

I encountered someone who made a change 

His love so pure and friendship so genuine 

Sweeter than honey,  purer than snow 

I’ve never felt this kind of love 

I couldn’t reciprocate his love, hence I withdrew 

He sought after me with warmth in his heart 

I resisted but he persisted 

He caught me and his banner over me is love 

Alas! I’ve found my True Love, my all in all

He sails my boat and rocks my world 

He is Immanuel, my Saviour, my Lover, my King 

Lover of the world and my personal love

Call upon him he’s  ever so near 

He loves you just the way you are 

Experience his love you will never remain the same 

‘cos there’s no one as sweet as he