Children’s day happens to be a day when children are supposedly celebrated,programmes are organized, outings are made and lots more. But come to think of it; who and what are we celebrating?  How has this day impacted the society and the children therein? These are questions that have been left unanswered.  Shall we ponder on it together? 

Where are our children? I have always known that children are innocent, but what I see are children who have lost their innocence, exposed to the wildlife of the society.  I was also made to know that children ought to be protected; but what I see in my community are trafficked and abused children, whom have been left as preys to their predators, vulnerable and love starved children with no one to cater for, left to handle the hustle of the society. Our children’s hope of a bright future has been raped and they have been made to develop with the poverty mentality. Are these the children we seek to celebrate? 

What are we celebrating? The common thing that we see happen are children taken out to dine and wine by parents who can afford it, while the less privileged go about their usual business. Should this day be limited to eating and drinking by our leaders of tomorrow? Shouldn’t we make it a day of bringing the children in the society together to sensitize and encourage them on doing things that benefit the society? We have to leave the straight jacket thinking of seeing children’s day as another moment of eating and drinking (though its part of the fun). 

We need to awaken to the realisatio

n that the children we seek to celebrate are in dire need of help, they ought to be built up, nurtured,and supported by the society and their parents. It’s another children’s day, let’s come together to build our children, for in doing so,we build for ourselves a great future and by extension we build a great nation. Let’s not limit celebrating our children to a day,let’s make it a continuous process. Build a child each day and you would have successfully built a nation. 
Photo credit: pixabay