O! The power in music! What music aside praying and reading my Bible has done in my life can’t be encapsulated in words. Times in my life when I feel so depressed and I can’t seem to pray, I find solace in listening to good music. Its no gainsaying that music is the food for the soul, it nourishes and brings a stirring in your soul (dependent on the kind of music you listen to). 

I recall a time where congregational and personal prayer was almost impossible and I practically force myself to pray, I simply decided to listen to some selected song and it simply worked the magic. My soul was lifted and I found myself praying. This is not to say that prayers can’t get you out of any awful state, it sure can; but music has a role it plays. 

Long story short, I listen to music when the feelings of some strange loneliness engulfs me and it brings a soothing relief. 

What sort of music do you listen to? Is it songs  that drains you and leaves you depressed, or songs that stir up your heart to seek God? My humble advice to you is that you be wise in your choice of music and watch out for its remedial effect. 

ta ta.