O! The agony. The pain of being a woman. 

My conception had been plagued with rejection and derision. My father desired a child of prestige, one to uphold the family name. This quality could not be found in me, my very essence brought him to  disrepute, I’ll be sold out some day, so why have me in the first place. 
I have no portion in my father’s estate, I’m not worthy to partake of his abundant riches; his landed properties are exclusively for his heir. I have been denied of basic entitlement ‘cos I am considered a wasted investment. 
Plucked at puberty, I became a child-bride to a man old enough to be a father. Imagine! A child birthing a child, how possible?  Well, that was the lot of girls in my days, and my cry for a change turned to echoes in their ears. I was hushed, and I wept till my tear glands could bear no more. 
For how long shall we continue in this bondage? When will be set free from the cage the society has locked us in? Who is willing to be the voice crying out for a change? Who will champion our course?  
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