Sharing my husband with another man was the last thing on my mind. 

The man of my youth has taken a woman in his old age, ‘cos  culture permitted it. 

A thorn in my flesh was she ‘cos she had many sons while I searched for one. 

He loved me still, but not as before. My rival now shares my portion in his heart. 
I drank from the cup of my sorrows, and plunged in the sea of overflowing tears. 

O! The heaviness of heart and the gnawing stings of barrenness. 

In my frantic pursuit for a child, I was mistaken for a drunk by an old man. 
I looked up to Jehovah, for from him I found comfort and strength

My days of weeping are over and replaced with my bounty of joy. 

Alas! My diligent labour was rewarded and I got my SAMUEL. 
God still hears is own, look up to HIM. 
Photo credit: Internet.