The zebra lines that hides behind my garb goes beyond what mouth can tell. My daily tear is the pool in which i swim. girl-crying-wallpaper-hd-image-5

It seems to me that my very being has become used to any form of abuse. The pretense and show of love before public glare by my husband cum abuser is beyond human comprehension.

The sort of love my husband showers on strangers and members of his fold is what I crave daily, yet constantly denied. My husband is one I can describe as a ravenous meek pastor- beastly at home, meek outside. He looks as harmless as dove, but within, he is a ravenous beast.

Beyond the advertisement smile and ‘anko’ we wear together on special occasions, there lies a bleeding skin and an anguished soul. The concealer has perfectly concealed the scars on my face, but its ineffective in concealing the scar in my heart.

The holy scriptures teach that husbands are to love their wives as Christ loved the church, but the man I married hates me with the deep hatred the devil has for the church. Christ gave himself for me, but my husband goes about like a roaring lion seeking me to devour.

To my people out there, please do not be carried away by our public display of affection, behind it lies pretence, pain, and problems. I only seek a convenient time to spill the beans, and his wicked antics be made known to the public.

This may not be common to all, but even in the church, things like this happen. Mine is a perfect example.

N.B: This is pure fiction, it only tries to show what happens. It is not the writers experience.

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