Navigating through the river of life;

We are often faced with challenges;

Swimming along with the fishes (problems) in the river;

It seems a holy grail to swim through and overcome.


Often we resist going deeper into the water;

Comfortable in the shallow paths we enjoy;

Failing to flee from our comfort zone;

Without understanding that our comfort zone is a limiting zone.


Alas! We launch into the deep;

It however seems we’re gonna drown down there;

We begin to regret our adventure in the deep;

Unaware of the depth in the deep.


Our fears may cause us to swim back to shallowness;

But it seems there is a greater force holding us down;

By and by we get accustomed to the heavy waves of the deep;

And we begin to swim along as it takes us on an adventure.


The deep I talk about is the greater heights we all desire;

The shallow path is merely the tip of the iceberg;

Yet many prefer to abide and abound in shallowness;

When thereĀ  are depths of depths available to them.


Launch as deep as you can go;

Deeper and deeper than you ever imagined;

When you begin to enjoy the bounties in the deep;

You’ll thank God you did not remain in shallowness.


My bit of advice is this;

Don’t let the tide of life overcome you;

Swim against the waves that want to pull you back;

And enjoy the bounties depth has to offer.