… like ABIGAIL, be of good understanding and a beautiful countenance (1Samuel 25:3)

… like DEBORAH, be courageous and submissive even to those under you (Judges 4:9)

… like DORCAS, be full of good deeds and help the needy (Acts 9:36)

… like ELIZABETH, be righteous before God and walk before Him blameless (Luke 1:6)

… like ESTHER, can you be willing to give all it takes to fulfill God’s plan? (Esther 4:16)

… like EUNICE, have an unfeigned faith in Christ, and pass it to the next generation (2Timothy 1:5)

… like HANNAH, be persistent in prayers despite people’s scorn (1Samuel 1:15)

… like JAEL, use what you have to discomfit God’s enemies (Judges 4;19)

… like JOCHEBED, devise means of protecting God’s special messenger (Exodus 2:3)

… like LEAH, you might be hated; keep calm for God will fight for you (Genesis 29:31)

… like LYDIA, pray God to open your heart to His words, afterwards obey in totality (Acts 16:14)

… like MARY, pray to be a vessel that will show forth God’s glory (Luke 1:38)

… like MARY, always seat at the feet of Christ, eager to hear His word (Luke 10:39)

… like MARY MAGDALENE, be eager to spread the good news (Mark 16:2,10)

… like PRISCILLA, be an helper in Christ with other of God’s children (Romans 16:3)

… like PUAH, fear God and hearken not to the commandments of men (Exodus 1:17)