People are like rubber bands, they are most valuable when they are stretched, not when they are at rest.

Maximising your potentials entails taking what you have: your gifts, talents et al and making the very best out of it. It requires you to stretch yourself beyond supposed limits, leaving your comfort zone, and being the best you can be.

How then do we go about maximizing our potentials? I’ll be sharing some few tips in other to ensure that we get to our zenith.

1) IDENTIFY YOUR POTENTIALS: many people have so many untapped potentials that lie dormant and might become useless if not identified by the carrier. The first step to being your very best is identifying those untapped potentials. By identifying, it becomes easier to maximise your potentials.

2) LEAVE YOUR COMFORT ZONE: one thing many do not understand is that the comfort zone is a limiting zone. The longer you linger in your comfort zone, the more relaxed you are in your present state. You have no push to doing something that makes you better than you were in the past. A step out of the usual is a step to achieving new feats, as well as broadening your horizon. Break free from the usual, do things differently, try out new things and explore.

3) DEFINE YOUR STRENGTH: everyone has strong points and blind spots. Working on your strength makes you better of than you were in the past. By identifying your potentials, you find out what you love to do, and find easy doing without qualms. There is a difference between what you love to do and what you have to do. What you love to do is a strong point that you need to carefully identify.

4)DON’T BE AFRAID TO START: one advice I have for you is to start doing and quit wishing. Another thing you should know is that baby steps will eventually lead to giant strides; the key thing is to just start. You don’t take steps by being passive, you take steps actively. When it seems as if it is impossible to achieve that big dream you have, the best thing is to plant your first step, and you’ll begin to see yourself achieving that your big goal. Remember! You never know how good you are until you start.

5) DEVELOP OTHERS: by building up others, we indirectly build up ourselves. There is nothing better than getting the best out of yourself except getting the best out of others. The moment we try to stretch out a friend, we ourselves get stretched; and by adding value to others, we bring out the best in us. My piece of advice for you is to stretch out your hand to help someone up.

One last thing. Let one of your goals in this life be to die empty. Don’t be amongst those who make the treasures in the mortuary increase.

Write all the hymns you can write, code all the programmes you can code, bring about that new invention you have in mind, use up all it is that you have, and you will be happy for it.