In 2011, I graduated from secondary school as an average student, with little knowledge of what the future holds. Getting my O level result was very challenging. In 2011 alone, I wrote 3 O level exams (WAEC, NECO, NECO-GCE), but wasn’t able to get my 5 credits in any of them.

In 2012, I enrolled for another WAEC, luckily, I got all my 5 credits. That same year, I wrote JAMB, and POST UTME, and I gained admission to the department of my choice. Today, I am one of the best student the department produced for 2016/2017 session, from University of Lagos.

One lesson I learnt from the challenge I passed through is that you should always put your trust in God, for one’s strength will fail.

After God, hardwork and persistence are the keys to good success. Always focus on your goal, don’t be distracted by the present failure, the future is bright.

Ajani John O.

You may be passing through academic challenges, and it seems as if nothing is working out for you; you’ve studied hard, prayed hard, done everything humanly speaking, yet it seems as if the story has not changed. Perhaps you are almost giving up and you want to do things your own way. My admonition for you is that you hold on, keep trusting God even if it is not easy and keep working at your goal. It would surely end in praise, for He makes everything beautiful in His own time.

Don’t give up, keep focused.