Walking into the dining hall for my first breakfast in the school, I realized that students queue to get bread, then go to their table where they sit in tens to get tea, egg and stew.

After getting a loaf of bread –which as at then was around the price of 70 naira or 80 naira- I thought it normal to get another one. Meanwhile, I had planned to get more than one before this time so I had already strategized on the best method to achieve that. I connived with one of my mates in school then and we both planned to take one extra.

My mind kept on telling me that what I’m about to do is wrong, but the pressure of eating more than one loaf was magnetizing. At the end of the day, that my friend was caught trying to get more than one loaf, while I scaled through with two loafs, putting one under my house wear. One of the house masters noticed that my tummy was a little larger than usual. He came to do some inquiry and realized that there was another bread there.

With this, my friend that was caught and I were both set on the stage and everyone in the hall began to make jest of us. After listening to the failed plan, the whole school turned to me and poured their anger; the students kind of forgave the other fellow as a victim of circumstance. The information travelled far and wide the school premises and I was then glad that it a one sex school.

With that rough beginning in hand, I later got to see people steal like it was a normal thing. They would steal bread, meat, cloths, and provisions- whatever was capable of being stolen. Even the house masters who showcased their desire to expunge evil were the architects of some notable evil practices and theft. Some of them would have the guts to involve students –and me sometimes- in their evil game.

It was only by the mercies of God that I did not get to repay them for the humiliation they caused me. Since they knew they were thieves, the punishment could have been milder. Stealing, lying was a normal thing in the school –even among the teachers- and I was punished as if it almost did not exist. They acted like they wanted to prevent the school from being stained; meanwhile, it was the hub of atrocious practices.

What I is learnt that those who correct wrong doing, sometimes, are guilty of them as well.
I learnt that two wrongs cannot make a right.
I learnt that that one time a good person does wrong might be the perfectly wrong time to do evil. So always be good.

I learnt that “If you are of the world, the world would love its own”. So if you copy the world in any of their practices and you are not one of them, they would not protect you.