It was the results of my first semester examination, 400 level.

One of the results was a D. Well, it was unexpected because I was sure that I did the exam extremely well and infact I wrote to the last page of the answer booklet.

To be sincere, all I could do was just to keep laughing and laughing as I stood before the pasted result and of course I kept on laughing and smiling as I was going back to the hostel.

However, something remarkable happened. As I was climbing the stairs to my floor where I live, Holy Spirit dropped a song in my heart and the song was ‘If God be for us!’. I kept on singing the song, flooded the WhatsApp groups with the song that night when I got back to the hostel.

The week after that day the result was pasted, I just became non-challant about the result not until the following week that the Holy Spirit spoke to me and asked me that ‘wont you pray about this result issue?’

Immediately I responded ‘it is time to pray.’ Funny enough that was when I started praying about the result issue. To God be the glory, what seemed impossible for me to achieve personally, God raised up a lecturer that fought on my behalf, and finally, 45 marks was changed to 75 marks. I was very very happy and elated. My GP never dropped eventually. It was indeed a miracle.

Well, I wouldn’t say I did not pass through pains and depression during those period but God was my strength. His promises kept me going. I never stopped holding on so tight to him. Of course I wept a little, but you know I eventually became cheerful because Christ has commanded that He has already overcome for us.

Adeliyi Tolulope.