The sun is glorious in one way, the moon is glorious in another way, and the stars are glorious in their own [distinctive] way; for one star differs from and surpasses another in its beauty and brilliance. 1Cor. 15:41 .

I always compared myself with people around me, which made me feel either inferior or proud depending on how I saw those surrounding me, and neither of these feelings are healthy for an individual, because inferiority makes one incapable while pride comes before destruction, not good for a person’s growth and development…

At times I look at peoples accomplishments and feel like I’m doing nothing, but the truth is that we are all different in our own ways, if God could create the uncountable stars in the sky differently with their own glory, then imagine how he would have made each one of us, fearfully and wonderfully made…

Its indeed good to challenge ourselves and be a better version but we shouldn’t kill ourselves with worry on why we are not like person A or B, our paths differ, our destiny are not the same, God has a plan for each and everyone of us, the important thing now is to know God.

On understanding this, and realising that knowing Christ is the essential thing, it is helping me discover my identity in Christ and God is moulding me and making me fit perfectly into the peaceful and good plans he has for my life, and of this I’m very grateful.

I realised it’s not about comparing and contrasting our lives with others but it is about knowing the ONE who makes all the difference and that is God. He would surely lead us and guide us, if only we come to Him and surrender our all and hold on our lives to Him.

Christ makes the difference.

Owoso Tayo.

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