When someone gives you a blank cheque, how do you feel? Elated right?

It happened one day that I needed money, and I asked my mum. Her response was “how much do you want?” That’s a sort of blank cheque right? In a bid not too ask for too much, I mentioned a modest amount, and lo! I got exactly what I asked. I began to wish I asked for more, perhaps I would have gotten it.

Now, let’s bring this down to our relationship with God. First there has to be an existing relationship, because as it is rare to get a blank cheque from a stranger, it is impossible to get a blank cheque from God if you are a stranger to him.

As children of God, Christ hands over to us a blank cheque when He said “and all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.” Nothing is as blank as this, where we are afforded the opportunity of asking whatsoever it is we desire. Provided what we ask is the will of God, we are sure to have it.

One mistake most of us make is that in our asking, we go beating around the bush, asking for vague things. When God says what do you want, you begin to ramble saying “anything, something, or everything.” In all these, you have succeeded in making no request, hence, expect no answer.

Many times, we often shortchange ourselves thinking if we ask for too much, God is not capable of giving us. Can you imagine! If God has freely given us His most precious treasure- Jesus, what makes you feel your request is too much for Him to grant. We often shoot ourselves in the leg when we ask for too little, when we have the benefit of asking for as much as we want.

My dear, when next you want to make your request, ask for all that you want, in accordance with the will of God, provided you are not desiring to consume it on your lust, and God would freely give you all things. You get what you ask for and even more because God is willing to give us exceedingly abundantly more than we ask or think.

If you have no relationship, it is not too late to establish one. Simply ask Jesus into your life and believe He will save you.

NB: The promises of God are not without conditions. Are you ready to do the ‘if’ in the promise?