December 9th was purely about the Ambassadors summit 4.0, and it was lit! Earlier in the year, a friend told me about the previous ones she had attended and how it was awesome, and right there, I began to plan my attendance for the on that took place on Saturday. Immediately the registration link was shared, I hit the link and registered ASAP, and blocked out anything that could affect my being in attendance.

The D-day came, and every bit of it surpassed my expectations, and it was beyond what people had said concerning the program. Well! In a bid to share a part of the goodies to those who were unavoidably absent, or those who never planned to be in attendance, tidbits of the events have been curated.

For every event you attend, one key thing to take note of is the person next to you- you never can tell who s/he is. The power of networking can’t be overemphasized, for your network determines your net worth, hence the networking session that preceded the event. We also got people to share their experiences from the last summit, as well as their expectations of the 4th edition, and to kick start the programme was an opening prayer, followed by the national anthem and the pledge.

Attendants had the privilege of sharing the hall with great personalities such as: Dr. Tee-Mac Iseli (MFR), a music icon; Lanre Sola-Olumofe, MD/CEO, Brooks Asset Ltd; Deji Irawo, Founder X2D Television; Funmi Oyetunji,CEO Abitos Financial Services; Dr. Ayodele Ogunsan, Chairman Executive Group; and the convener himself, Prince Joshua Oyeniyi, CEO, Amborion Global; and the list goes on. Don’t beat up yourself for not coming, prepare to be there next time.
Now, to the meat of the event.

In every event, there is usually an opening remark, which is often given by the convener, and Prince Joshua did the honours by coming to charge us to create our future, without him failing to give us a backdrop as to how this innovation started – from an event too. To wrap up his speech, one thing that caught me, and I’m sure had the same effect on other attendees was a statement he made “when you set your heart at achieving results, no matter the challenges you face, you will achieve the results you desire.

This was followed by a panel session on business and entrepreneurship, comprising of panelists such as Funmi Oyetunji, Lanre Sola-Olumofe, Oladele Dada, amongst others. On the issue of entrepreneurship, the first question asked was “is an entrepreneur born or nutured?” An advice given that was on the lips of most of the panelist was on the issue of patience and discipline by entrepreneurs. The importance of walking our individual paths consistently was emphasized, because our paths are different.

Another thing entrepreneurs were made to know is the importance of adding value, value you are getting out of the business, and its sustainability. The panelist did not fail to mention the importance of having a vision of what you want to do, the importance of defining your core value, and the need to be original.

On concluding the session, an equally young man brought to our remembrance that the young ones are the hope of this generation, and Dr. Ayodele wrapped it up by stating that in business, the God factor is inevitable, for it is God who gives inspiration, and inspiration is the father of entrepreneurship.

This session was followed by a brief session of question and answer, and a short video clip by Femi Adesina, the Special Advicer to the President on Media, who was unavoidably absent, but for the passion he had for the summit, sent in his words, and charged us to take actions today that will make impact tomorrow, as well as the need to have integrity.

Yippie! The summit was not all talk, there was entertainment. The Kaakaki group made up of 5 people fed us with a beautiful presentation that cannot be captured in words; being there to experience it would be more thrilling than words. Well, pictures will do.

The Kaakaki group

In the age we live in, wisdom doesn’t rely in the aged only, it resides in anybody who is willing to open his/her mind to gain wisdom, and to this end, a 3 year old in person of Baby Paula (Paula Paul) gave an awesome presentation.

Paula Paul

There were other presentations from a comedian, a spoken word artist, musicians, etc.

There were also other panel sessions bordering on media and entertainment, as well as on governance and politics. On the panel session on media, the need for creativity, and innovation was discussed, Dr. Tee-Mac took us through a process of creative visualisation.

There is a common saying that “whatever you appreciate appreciates, which made the organizers put on themself the need to appreciate some of the speakers present for the good works they have been doing.

To wrap up the event, Prayer Madueke and Chaplain T.M. Olubena were called upon to release us into the realm of prayer for the nation and ourselves, for only spirituality, backed up with intellectuality makes us influential.

Finally, without efficient and competent comperes, an event may not go on smoothly, hence, a big thumbs up to Chukwudi Ezegwu, TV Host, Wazobia TV; and MC Lynchrez.

Hehehe. This year, I gave you tidbits of the experience at the summit, do you also want to nibble on tidbits next year, when you can make yourself available to get the whole cake? Well! Set your mind to attend the next summit, and you’d be glad you did.