“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he…” Proverbs 23;7

One thing I have always longed for, and still longing for is a happy home, and guess what? All I do is to create a picture of what I want in my mind, ‘cos I know that if I think it, I can achieve it.

Many have failed to come to the realisation that they cannot go farther than their mind can take them. Everything that goes on on the outside begins from the inside. In the mind of a conqueror, the battle is conquered in the mind even before the battle begins. The mind is such a powerful tool, and it is the architect of our lives; it’s so puissant that it shapes the tragedies and triumphs of our lives.

A man is not more or less than the thoughts he constantly harbours in his mind; and there is a constant mind race, but we determine what resides therein.

The mind being a viable tool determines the life and destiny of the one who wields it. If used positively, the results are innumerable, and if used negatively, the results are going to be devastating.

How then can we leverage the power of the mind to harness positive results to our benefit.

1) Uproot Negative Thoughts: A famous proverb says “you can’t prevent a bird from flying over your head, but you can prevent it from building its nest on your head.” Toxic thoughts would usually find its way into our minds one way or the other; this makes our minds a battle ground, and it is whatever we allow to have a foothold in our minds that shapes our lives. A good favour we can do to ourselves is never to keep toxic thoughts hostage. As soon as it passes bye, uproot immediately, lest it gains ground in our mind.

2) Deliberately Plant Positive Thoughts: When planting, we do not just throw the seeds around expecting it to grow, we deliberately put it in the soil. Let’s do same with our minds. We are to continuously and intentionally plant positive thoughts in our minds. Do so buy constant reminders and affirmations of this thought and see it grow. Planting doesn’t come easy, we have to put in effort to ensure that we sow good seeds in your mind, that we might live better lives. Let there be a reprogramming of our minds, mind our thought pattern and change our belief systems for our good.

3) Constantly Renew Your Mind: After planting, what next? We have to water the seeds for it to grow properly. The same has to be done for our minds, and this can only be achieved by daily renewing our minds. If at a point we fail to renew the positive thoughts we’ve planted, the negatives begin to crawl in again. Renewing our minds has to do with us examining our thought process, and our thought pattern: our thought process is what we think, while our thought pattern is how we think. We are to watch our thoughts, and renew our mind by maintaining it, for that is the key to unlocking our mind.

4) Unlock The Power Of The Mind: the mind is like a door that shuts in a lot of potentials. When we unlock the mind, we unlock a life that has no limitations, and we begin to go farther than our past perceptions. The first thing we have to know is that the key to unlock the door of our mind is right in your hands, and no one else. We determine whether or not we remain locked up in our fears and false ideologies. We really do not have to bother what others say or do, all we have to do is ask ourselves “am I ready to explore the world of my potentials.” Our response determines our actions.

One a concluding note, our minds gives us just exactly what we put in it; we are the product of our minds. A new life is but a new mind,and you can do anything you put your mind to.

I’ll appreciate your comments and goodwill sharing this post. Thanks.