The purpose of your life is to discover your gift, the work of life is to develop it, and the meaning of life is to give it away Joy J. Golliver

One thing common to everybody is purpose, but one thing that differentiates a person from another is discovering and developing it. It is rather unfortunate that many people pass through life without fulfilling purpose, they wait for life to happen, dancing and tossing to any direction life takes them.

As Myles Munroe said “if the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. Not knowing the purpose of your life implies that the abuse of your life is inevitable. A life without purpose is the greatest tragedy, it is worse than death.

In finding purpose, we are often told to look within to discover that unique that distinguishes us from others. Though this is not all together wrong, one thing we should know is that finding purpose first starts with finding God: He created us and knows exactly why He did so, hence He alone can make us know our purpose.

Once we discover what purpose what next? Do we just sit back folding our arms without developing and fulfilling it? Definitely no. We need to work at it, stretch yourself, do everything in your power to fulfill purpose. Not fulfilling purpose is as good as not knowing purpose, which invariably means a wasted life.

Now that you’ve discovered purpose, and you begin working to fulfill purpose, what then are the benefits, or more still, the power in finding purpose?

Purpose makes us live focused lives. We do not have to be tossed about by whatever life throws at us. A life that lacks focus is like a flag that dances towards the direction of the wind, because it in itself lacks direction.

A life of purpose is a balanced life. The bad side of not knowing purpose in life is that we can thrown off guard when the challenges of life arise. When we are well equipped with the knowledge of our purpose in life, we are able to find our feet in the midst of the storms of life. Peradventure we are almost veering off track, our purpose makes it easy for us to come back on track.

Knowing your purpose gives satisfaction and fulfillment. Fulfilling purpose should not burdensome because it is merely an extension of us. Even in the midst of storms, purpose is the fuel that keeps you going, you become unstoppable because of the satisfaction you get from doing what you love to do. Also, purpose helps you forge ahead when life wants to keep you stuck in a position. The kind of life you live when you know your purpose is an effortless one, ‘cos what others are struggling to do, you do with ease.

Purpose gives you the strength to forge ahead despite the obstacles on the road.
it fires you up when the chips are down and it is also a crucial step to self development.

On a final note, know yourself; know your passion; evaluate the tasks that you find most empowering; deliberately look out for your greatest challenges, and how you’ve been able to overcome; and dig out your God-given gift, your natural abilities.

One last thing, have it at the back of your mind that you cannot discover your purpose outside God, seek Him and let Him reveal it to you.

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