He that must have friends must prove himself friendly.

Friends are such a great force in our lives, they have such a great impact on our lives, hence the saying “show me your friend and I will tell you who you are.” Having a friend is one thing, and being a friend is another. Friends actually determine how good or how bad you go depending on the type of friends you keep. Remember, there is power in company.

In a moment, I’ll be sharing some benefits of arming yourself with genuine friends, and the need to get rid of toxic ones.

Iron sharpeneth iron. “show me your friend and I will tell you who you are” is more than a clichรจ. The caliber of friends that move with you tells a lot about you; and if you have blunt friends, you will be blunt; and if your friends are sharp your being sharp is inevitable, except they are fiends. Friends build up each other, encourage each other, spur each other to success, and pray for each other. If you are in a company of 4 great minds, you will be the 5th.

Good friends create room for healthy competition. True friends don’t get jealous of their friend’s success, rather they use it as room to stir themselves up to achieve success as well. The benefits of having true friend is that you complement each other, you look at what they’ve got and use it as a motivation to be a better version of you. Remember, you are not into a competition of being better than them, rather your aim is improve yourself through them.

True friends old each other accountable for any goal to be achieved. Most often, we fail to achieve set goals because we have no one to hold us out when we begin to slack on our goals. In a company of good friends, dreams and goals don’t go to rest because you have someone you account to on how far you’ve gone with a task and vice versa.

Friendship also affords you the opportunity of learning new things and it has a way of bringing you out of your comfort zone. You are also likely to have new perspectives about things, hence the need to surround yourself with valuable friends.

Having said a lot about the power of true friends, why do we need to detach ourselves form toxic ones? Toxic friends are like parasite, they drain you and leave you worse than you were before you met them. Parasite never lets what it latches on to grow, hence a parasitic friend would stagnate your growth, and most likely reduce your value. Toxic friends never see the best in you, rather than praise you for your success, they begin to insinuate pride, and they often feel defeated.

With all these, would you still love to be around toxic friends, or will you opt to get a handful of good friends.

On a final note, there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother; He is Jesus. Is He your friend?

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