I have always thought to myself, “what if I wake up one morning and I cannot see, or I try to talk but can’t produce any sound, or I can’t just hear what anyone is saying, or I can’t just move my legs anymore.” Hmm. How will it feel like actually…? I guess most people must have thought about this too?

Have you ever wondered that most of these people with disabilities were not born that way, something just happened to them, and all of a sudden everything changed, and they are left with no choice but to accept their fate.

So why then do you see them as though they are not human just like you. They breathe the same air with you, they eat what you eat, they sleep the way you sleep, they go to places you go too. Yet, when you see them, you act like you’re better than they are, maybe because you feel you can do much than they can. Yes, that might be possible, but do you know that if you lend a helping hand to them with some things, you’ll find out that they can even do things better than you think they can do, they’ve got skills and potentials but with none to help bring it out.

You may need to have a rethink today and start treating them with love, that’s all they need. They’ve got feelings and emotions just like you, they need someone to always share things with, just like you do too. They need someone to always call whenever they are in trouble, just like you always do too.

You might say they have God so what else..? Sure, they do, don’t you have God too….? Why do you still call out to people…? You might not be able to answer that question, because you’re guilty of that.

They need people like you and I to always help them, please show them love, show them you care and let’s all be happy. Look out, there’s just a disabled person there that needs your help, reach out to that person and you’ll find out it’s actually easier than you thought.

The fact that they are in such condition does not make them unfortunate miserable beings, they are like seeds that need a good ground, sun and water to germinate well. Why not be that good ground, sun and water.

Author: Daniel Grace.