In the past 365 days, we’ve set so many goals; some achieved, others yet to be achieved. There were times we wanted to loaf around doing nothing, other times we are enthusiastic about fulfilling the goals we’ve set. There are times of productivity and times we were grossly unproductive. I’m sure we have all passed through this phases, haven’t we?

Well, we are embarking on another 365 day journey come 2018, do we wish to remain just as we are or we wish to make tremendous improvement in the coming year? The journey to become more productive all year-long is the crux of this post, and ways to go about this.

Casting my mind back, I realised I was grossly unproductive; I was always busy, but what I was busy doing could not be accounted for. At a point, I had to sit back to highlight what exactly was going on, as well as proffer better solutions to become a better version of me. So briefly, I’ll be sharing some of the things I highlighted.

FEAR OF FAILURE: A person who is afraid to fail never gets to try out new things, you remain stuck in routine. What most people do not understand is that the more you get used to doing routine stuffs, it drains your enthusiasm and eventually leaves you just as you are or a less productive. Do you know you can do old regular stuffs in new ways, being innovative and creative makes us want to do more. Failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts. Stretch out your wings as wide as you can and fly without limitations.

PERFECTIONISM: This is an unwillingness to settle for anything less than perfection. To be honest, I’m a sucker for perfection; I always want to get it once, even if it is my first try. Being a perfectionist is not all together bad, but one thing it could lead to is you not doing anything at all because you want to get it once. Remember, it is constant practice that makes perfection. Your first may not be the best, but with constant practice you will surely be the best. There is every possibility that you remain inert if you are such a lover of perfection at first hit. Please just go ahead with what you want to do and give room for improvement.

PROCRASTINATION: It is a common knowledge that procrastination is ‘a thief of time’, yet many still find delight in procrastinating; I’m sometimes guilty of this though. The amount of time you invest in the valuable things you do goes a long way to determine the level of your productivity. The best time to do whatever you want to do is NOW, there is no better time for such time may not surface again. The best thing you can do for yourself in this coming year is to be determined to ditch procrastination.

: If we aim at nothing, we will definitely hit it. When we set unclear goals, or in the extreme case, we set no goals at all, we live life as it comes, we aren’t able to measure your progress, and we will never know where we need improvements in our lives. A life without a goal is like a ball on a pitch that lacks direction; it can be easily tossed around, therefore making such goal unproductive.

If wishes were horses, beggars will ride. The best way to move forward in life is to quit wishing and start doing. You can never achieve anything by merely wishing, you got to put yourself to work. Also, quit the what if’s: “what if it doesn’t work, what if I’m not accepted. what if, what if, what if…” All these doesn’t help, it only succeeds in keeping you stagnated.

SELF-DOUBT: The worst thing you can do to yourself is to doubt yourself and your abilities. If you don’t believe in yourself, who will? The mistake people often make is seeking for validation and motivation from others; I’ve been there before, and it did me more harm than good. First off, if people don’t see anything you are doing, then what is there to be validated. If you continue seeking for validation, you might be grey before any comes, if any comes at all. Be your self-motivator, you are the major determinant of how far you can go. Believe in God, believe in yourself, and keep moving, keep doing.

Let this be at the back of your mind, if you aim at nothing, you will always have nothing to target let alone hitting it. As the new year unfolds, get something doing, and get going; don’t be afraid of slow progress, just be afraid of standing still.