We live in such a decadent time where sexual harassment has no respect for dressing, age, status and even sex. In time past, girls that were often harassed were shaded for dressing like whores, hence attracted sexual predators to themselves.

Well, the world has journeyed past that stage as we now have sexual predators preying on all sorts of people, ladies being the worst hit of this menace.

Whether or not you dress like a prostitute or you are fully clad like a church girl or Alhaja, the randy predators seeking ladies to devour will still go hunting seeking preys.

It was a bright Friday morning when I went to the Human Resource manager of the company I worked so as to get some stamped documents I needed. On getting there, I met two other guys which were set to take their leave, and upon entry into the office, I was sensitive to the look the HR cast on me.

I gave a wry smile and thought within me that “this man as met his match today.” As the guys left, a lady walked in. Before now, he walked the guys out, and eavesdropping on their conversation, I deciphered that the guys have rubbed his palm with a token of #500. He payed attention to the lady who came in after me, abandoning my documents.

Upon the exit of the lady, he began quizzing me as to the church I attend, and he began ranting saying he is sure I have a man I am seeing. His basis for this cheap suggestion was as a result of my accessories- merely a phone and a bag.

He went further with an unsolicited advice saying that I shouldn’t follow young guys, that won’t cater for me nor treasure me, I merely acknowledged him with a nod, and he pressed further to say that I should go out with men like him.

There was an interruption by a lady who came in for the same documents I came for, and he responded to her, keeping me on hold. The lady left, and he changed the direction of the conversation to sexual matters, and at long last stamping my documents, telling me to wait in his office for another document which had been exhausted. I pondered within, “wait in your office?” It can’t happen.

At this time, the company was near empty and I knew it would be sheer foolishness to remain within danger zone. He eventually let me be
and said he would give me a call to inform me as to when to come for the letter. He further requested that I drop my number so we could talk better, that he has a lot to talk to me about.

I just really thank God for wisdom in responding to his questions. Need I say that all this happened not as a result of indecent dressing. I was well clad, and would be easily recognised as a member of on of these SU churches, yet I was still harassed by one randy HR.

Reported by Olanipekun Deborah.

Editor: Esho Kemi.

Photo credit: fairygoodboss.com