Success is an earnest desire of everyone. From students, to career persons, couples, and even parents, there is an innate desire in everyone to be successful.

What exactly is success? The dictionary makes us to understand success to mean the achievement of one’s aim or goal. Success actually has a wider meaning than this.

To this end, it happened that I attended a thanksgiving service in honour of a friend, and during the period of exhortation, the rhema, which the Pastor released to the ears willing to hear was incredible, and as the writer that I am, I brought out my phone and began to jot some notes, which now turned out to be a post I have decided to share with you. You might not have been there in person, but I’ll do the honours of sharing some life changing rhema’s with you.

During the course of the exhortation, the thing that really caught my attention and kept me meditating was what the Pastor called the 3 H’s of success.

Surprised right? what is 3 H’s again? You’ve probably heard of 4 D’s and SQ3R and what have you. What exactly is 3 H’s. Well! The 3 H’s have to do with the following;

HEART: What your heart cannot conceive, your hands cannot utilize. The problem with so many people is that they have not allowed their hearts to conceive the success they desire. Hence, they have not been able to achieve it. The Bible makes us understand that as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. This shows a perfect usefulness of the heart in a bid to achieve success

There is also a need for the heart to be connected to God so as to receive discernment, illumination and creative knowledge to achieve success. When your heart is disconnected from God, you cannot achieve through success.

HOOK: Your hook has to do with your passion; that or those particular thing(s) that envelopes and takes you out of the ordinary to the extraordinary. The thing that consumes you and sets you doing things effortlessly is your passion, and you will definitely excel in your passion no matter what it takes. You have no business pursuing anything you do not have volition for. The reason many are poor today is because they are merely photocopying machines: they are yet to discover who they really are, and all they
do is merely desiring to be like others, not finding their passion.

To achieve success, God wants you to rediscover Him and rediscover yourself, then you see yourself set on the pedestal of success.

HAND: People are not achieving success nowadays because they fail to take initiative of what God is laying on their hearts per time. Many people have failed not because they do not have what it takes to excel, but because they have refused to get something done with their hands. They are grossly undisciplined.

Working with your hand, you have to be bold, be courageous, ‘doubt your doubts’ and pay the price so as to get to the top.

In conclusion, constantly remind yourself that what you need to succeed is right inside you: there is a seed within you waiting to be exposed to the appropriate growth condition and environment for it to become a big tree someday.

Go and succeed. We’re only permitted to see each other on the success lane. GO AND SUCCEED.

If this impacted you, please do well to share.