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Alert! You’d have to pardon me ahead, because this post is going to be laced with some legal connotations. However, I’ll give ample explanations so as not to get you off track.
Are you ready?

A trustee is one who has been conferred legally with property in trust for the purpose of a beneficiary. A trust is a legal relationship between the owner, a trustee and a beneficiary.
Before I delve into the meat of the post, I’ll do a simple illustration for better understanding.

A owns a property, and he transfers it to B, who is the trustee to keep it in trust for C, who is the beneficiary of A’s property. Hope I’ve not bored you with some legal jargons, and you’ve learnt some basic legal stuffs.

Forging ahead, believers on earth are God’s trustees. Ask me how! In our possession are some resources given to us by God whom we know is the Owner of all things we think we possess. We are His trustees in the sense that we are the ones God has given some resources to, to keep in trust for the beneficiary. Need I tell you that the trustee becomes the legal owner of the property after the property has been transfered to him, and he can deal with the property as he wills, though he will be in breach of trust?

The gifts that we have, the wealth we possess, the talents we display are not solely for the purpose of us using them as we desire, but using them for the benefit of the beneficiary.
God keeps those things in our care because He knows that in our midst are those that would have need; they are the beneficiaries.

A biblical injunction on this is seen in Deuteronomy 15:11: “For the poor shall never cease out of the land: therefore I command thee, saying, Thou shalt open thine hand wide unto thy brother, to thy poor, and to thy needy, in thy land.”

The wealth that we control is not ours to squander or use as a tool of oppression, rather, we are to view it as a trust property committed into our hands for the benefit of a beneficiary. If we carry out thorough investigations, we’ll realise that there are many who are in need in our neighbourhood. We are to seize every opportunity we have to improve the life of someone, with the wealth vested in our care.

That spectacular talent we possess that is lacking in those around us is meant for the purpose of empowerment, and not for disdain or pride. The gift of salvation, and the message thereof is not for us to hoard. It is for us to give to those who haven’t gotten the opportunity of having it.

At the end of life, hope we won’t be found to be in breach of trust when we’re called to give account of how we dealt with the trust property kept in our care.

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