The scar that left me marred;
Serving as memoirs of my struggles and failures;
Leaving me with little or no enthusiasm;
Cos I found no balm to salve the scath.

The scar of life’s trials and failures;
That fails to reflect my quest for success;
And rubs in my incapacities and incapabilities;
And leaves me seeking for life’s meaning.

When the scar will heal, I know not;
But someday I’ll sing songs of victory;
And give the shout of a conqueror;
Cos I know it’ll end in praise.

Every man on earth is born to face many troubles. There are challenges in life that will bruise us, and perhaps leave us badly injured with a permanent scar. The Bible makes us understand that a man born of a woman is of few days and with many troubles. Yes! There will be many trials, but we are not left to relish in our troubles. The troubles may leave us scarred, but there is always a remedy.

There is an elixir for life’s troubles. No matter the scar you may have been marred with, there is someone who is able to take away every scar and salve every pain.

Christ is the elixir. He is the balm of Gilead, and the greatest physician that heals every injured life. He is able to turn our dirges of woe to songs of praise.