Frienemies! Where in my dictionary could that word be found. Well, I got you searching. In a world where we have smiling friends that double as backstabbing fiends, we have no choice but to come up with a suitable word that fits them best, frienemies- friendly enemies.

I happened to find myself in the midst of some people who fall into the category of friendly enemies. They are not particularly my friends, but from observation, I realised that their relationship towards their ‘friends’ are pretentious. I’ve actually gotten for myself a network of true friends, so for now, I’m free from frienemies.

Observing things around me, I’ve come to realise that people move more with fiends rather than friends. These friendly fiends are capable of displaying their 32’s before you, being your praise singer, and the very minute you are out of earshot, they spit out all sort of bile, becoming an archenemy.

Imagine you, thinking you’ve earned yourself a good deal of reliable friends, just to realise that they are a bunch of foes, what will you do? Well, I’d rather be glad I found them out early.

Having frienemies is not a present day phenomenon. It has been in existence since the days of our fore fathers, with the likes of Joab in 2 Samuel 3: 27.

How then do we spot out frienemies from our group of friends. How are we able to take off the sheep’s cloth the wolf is using to hide his identity?

The first thing I can advice you do, so as to enjoy the kind of friendship David and Jonathan enjoyed is to let God help in the selection of your friends. Though the heart of man may be desperately wicked, and no one can know it except God, then He is in the best position to choose your friends for you.

Secondly, it is important for you to know that you attract your kind of person. If you’re a frienemey, you’ll definitely attract to yourself a group of frienemies. On the other hand, if you are a trustworthy person, the bulk of your friends will be people of repute. Remember, an idiom says, “birds of the same feathers flock together.” The Bible also makes us understand that he who must have friends must prove himself friendly, hence it can be applied to say that he who must have good friends, must prove to be a good friend.

penultimately, not everyone deserves your friendship, and not everyone will earn it. Hence, choose your friends wisely and be deliberate about it.

Finally, frienemies abound everywhere. It is therefore necessary that you avert your mind to its realities and watch! One more thing, know that “the quality of your friends determine the quality of your life, so, be wise.”