Crisis! Crisis! Crisis!
In our homes, school, offices and country;
Drums of war rolled out everywhere;
Voices crying in awe of a quandary.

Crisis! Crisis! Crisis!
Daughters against mothers, sons against fathers;
Employees versus bosses, all eat at each other;
Institutions leave students to ponder; left or right, which way to go, they cannot tell.

Crisis! Crisis! Crisis!
The world’s in rumble and tumble;
People gagged by the fear of what’s next;
Trepid and foreboding, everyone’s in a state of perplexity.

Crisis! Crisis! Crisis!
Tales of war, rumble or tumble, I’m at peace;
For in me dwells the Prince of Peace;
Who calls out ‘I’ll keep in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on me.”


In the world we live in, we hear of one trouble or the other. Wars and rumours of wars are sounded in our ears. No one is at peace, as there is an air of uncertainty hovering around us.

There is the external crisis that is open to the eye of man. However, there is another form of crisis that go one daily that is unseen to anyone, and only the bearer of the crisis knows of it.

The internal crisis that has left many hearts shattered is beyond the comprehension of the human mind. Many have been reduced to nothing because of constant fear of what is, and are equally overwhelmed by uncertainties. They have been captured in a perpetual state of unease as a result of one thing or the other.

In the midst of the crisis; either external or internal, there is only one thing that can keep man at ease, and in peace. Even in the midst of the storm, one can still be rest assured and confident if has just this one thing- Christ.

Christ is the Prince of Peace. He has promised to keep in perfect peace those whose mind is stayed on Him. To those who have put their absolute trust and confidence in God, He has promised to keep them at ease even in the midst of the storm.

Know Jesus, know peace. No Jesus, no peace.