Do More Than Arise, Also Shine

The complexities of modern world, is no doubt coming with it, a whole lot of failures. There’s a general failing political, social, and economic system. It is important to note that men are on the beneficial outcome of these failures. This is why the society and systems all about basically seems to be choking out every positivity from life. The system suppresses men, oppresses others and does all sort of malarkey to everyone. This brings a good question to our minds. How can we exercise our faith in all of these?

Faith is not faith if it doesn’t find expression in hardship. Yes at a point in life we have to come to an experiential understanding of the practical explanation in times of all sort of negativity. At this time, this is when we have to exercise the initial command of the Prophet Isaiah in the 1st verse of his 60th chapter were he said ‘Arise [from the depression and prostration in which circumstances have kept you—rise to a new life]!’ [Isaiah 60:1a (AMP)]. This is a command we have to understand.

From this it is clear that life holds a privilege to put us in certain down casting situations, but we don’t have a right to remain there. We have a command to arise from this dispensation of life. It is obvious from the giant spiritual renaissance of these times that men and women alike are rising.

Rising not just from the depressions and suppression life circumstances have kept them, but they are also rising above limitations; rising to defy odds, but the most important, or the apex of arising is to SHINE.

Looking at the B part of the 1st verse of Isaiah 60, we can see a clearer instruction which reads ‘…Shine (be radiant with the glory of the Lord), for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you!’ [Isaiah 60:1b (AMP)]. This has taught us deeper reality that we shouldn’t just arise, we should shine.

How? By being radiant; a complete stature reflecting God’s glory. Note that it is on the length and depth of your shining that depends what you attract either gentiles or kings.
In a world and system when the failed policies of men have a boomerang effect on our lives, it is more important we do something more than arise. Let’s Shine!

Author: Aiyeyomi Olaitan.

Aiyeyomi Olaitan Ayotunde
is a Law student. All about writing to inspire. Victim of a failed social, economic and political system, but yet a super optimistic fellow. Lover of God. He runs Eincedium, a blog. Check it out here