The thick cloud of perversions that has enveloped the world in this present age is beyond what the human mind can fathom. It’s quite sad that sexual immorality seems to be in vogue. For every step you take, you’re faced with one sexual perversion or the other, and for many advertisement that you come across, there is a sexual connotation. An erstwhile private affair has been thrown open to the glare of the public- the act now being committed in the open with neither shame nor regard for the people who may be around the committers

Hasn’t it ever crossed your mind that despite the many life-threatening consequences attached to sexual acts, it keeps spreading like a raging fire, the worst hit being youths. The reason is not far-fetched. The devil has successfully blinded the eyes of many, turning their hearts to only conceptualize the pleasure that’s in it. It is heart breaking that children, who were once considered innocent have lost their innocence, as they become sexually active at a tender age due to undue exposure by parents, the media, and what they watch.

Not to deviate from my original thought, I will be considering premarital sex, extramarital sex, homosexuality, and eventually capping off with sex within the confines of marriage, which is God’s standard for sex.

Sex before marriage, otherwise known as fornication is not fun, it is an outright sin and disrespect against the originator of sex. Sex was not intended to be committed by boys and girls; it was designed to be within the confines of marriage, not dating, courting or teenage romantic relationship.

There could be a strong argument that if God designed sex for marriage, why then do we have those hormone triggers towards the opposite sex. God in his omniscience made those hormones to be a part of our biological make up for a purpose, which is marriage. He also gave us the ability to control ourselves as well as an injunction to flee youthful lust.

There are many delusions that fly about premarital sex that the devil has successfully used to lure young minds into the trap of sex. To be honest, you can’t overcome yourself, for you need God’s grace to abstain.

Upon marriage, any amorous relationship outside the confines of marriage is not just an affair, it is adultery. Many marriages have been sacrificed on the bed of adultery, and homes destroyed.

Adultery is a slap on God’s face. It alters God’s original plan, breaks the sacredness of the marriage vow, destroys trust, and devastates the couple. It is a strong tool the devil has used to wage war against the home front and it is pathetic that many have given themselves as ready tools in his hands.

In God’s original design, He had it planned that marital relationship was to exist between male and female for the purpose of procreation and pleasure. He brought Eve to Adam; not another man, but a woman. The perversion has gone so bad that relationships between guys as well as between women are happily celebrated in some part of the world.

LGBT communities view this as an expression of individual sexualities instead of an anomaly, radical feminist go all out to say “to hell with men,” whilst lesbian feminist propagate that women and women can have relationships together.

In God’s blueprint, He had it well mapped out that sex was to be exclusively for those who have come together in a union called marriage. At this point, I’ll love to draw our attention that cohabitation and elopement does not amount to marriage in God’s eye, so any sexual relationship within this context is deeply frowned at by God.

The Bible brings to our understanding in Hebrews 13:4 that “marriage is honourable in all, the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers, God will judge.” The only form of sexual relationship that is God approved, sanctioned and accompanied with God’s divine blessings is that within the confines of marriage.

Yes, sex has been perverted by the world and it is sin. However, if done within the confines of marriage, it is honourable before God.
To wrap up, if you’re caught within the web of pre or extramarital sex, or homosexuality, now that breath exists in your nostrils, it is not to late to repent and come to Christ. He is willing to save you, wipe away your past record and give you a new life.

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