I watched on as he struggled on his limbs. For every few steps he took, he had a dose of falling to the ground. Despite the repeated cycle of his fall, he was tenacious, rising again at every point. I wanted to help by carrying him, but I was restrained, not because I derived pleasure at his fall, but because I knew I won’t be helping him by carrying him. I left him to struggle through it, while I drew salient lessons from his tenacity and determination to walk by himself.

I realized that for every time he fell, he garnered more strength to rise again, and walk with more gusto. For every time he stumbled and hit the ground, his limbs became stronger to carry and move him better than before. At every moment he missed his targets of having more steps, I saw in him the resilience to hit his target of walking someday without having to stagger, let alone fall.

Life’s challenges are inevitable. The Bible even makes us understand that “a man born of a woman is filled with many troubles” Job 14:1. “Sufficient unto the days are the evils thereof”, so says the Holy Writ. This verses are not there to frighten us or to make life unbearable for us, rather, they are there to prepare our hearts as to what to expect from life. As the cliché goes, “life is not a bed of roses.”

Whether or not we are built or broken by what life throws at us is determined by our attitude towards challenges. Like the boy in the analogy, he could have chosen to sit back and sulk after every failed attempt, rather, he picked himself up again and continued his walk. Had he sat back, he would have successfully deprived himself of the joy of walking on his feet, and remain in his complacent state.

Hurdles are placed before us to make us grow, that we may glow at the end. We are not expected to sulk at the problems being pelted at us. The rocks of life thrown at us are merely bricks that we ought to use in building. The supposed obstacles are but stepping-stones to take us to our desired destination. However, when we view this things through the lens of pessimism, the rocks are what eventually buries our dreams, and the obstacles bruise our future.

When faced with that daunting life challenge, ask yourself this question, “do I want to grow, or do I want to remain stunted?