Mondays are for motivation, and this is why I’d be writing more about me today, not to bore or impress you, but to have you pick in between these lines something that can motivate you. For some while now, I’ve taken to social media to motivate and inspire people in what I tagged Trust The Process Challenge – where I come up with daily quotes and delve into the vulnerable experiences of people and myself in a bit to have these inspire people.

It’s been awesome, most importantly it has cut across territories to inspire people. I didn’t plan it that much from the start because all through these challenge, I’ve also been trusting the process that this challenge will lead to something plausible. Day in day out when I look into feedbacks I get from people, they send some emotional signal down my spine which when it gets to my brain, instead of making me proud, makes me really happy. It makes me happy knowing how much of an impact I’m making in my little way, and if for anything, it keeps me going.

Knowing I’m reaching out to people no matter how little I can, gives me happiness from within – the type I can feel for myself is something real. So many times I just wish I can open up myself to let people truly see the depth of this happiness because it’s a lot within compared to what is being expressed outside. I’m really happy.

Now, very important to note is that I didn’t get this happiness merely because of some silver spoon background or because I deserved it… No. Looking back on my past, I know I don’t deserve the love and faithfulness God shows to me unaltered. His love has been very much palpable in my life. Talk about friends, in this past year of my life, I’ve built a network of friendships who have really had to communicate their love and care to me at several points I least imagined and expected.

Friends, this happiness you see today is the light – my light. Like I always say, I didn’t get here in one day. I fought through every single thing in between the lines – depression, suppression, suicidal thoughts, failed expectations and trusts, broken relationships; and everything in between the lines that seems to take the happiness and little hope we hold on to, to find and stay in this happiness.

I’m still on it to move to higher dimensions of happiness, but never to return sad. This is why, I just want you all to know that there is sure a silver lining after every dark cloud in your lives; I know what you have now is the pain, be patient and stand tall the gain is coming; I know all you have now is the rain, but just a little while more, you’d definitely see the rainbow, and when you do, be rest assured that that’s a promise that you will never feel that pain again.

As I had another year today, my deepest gratitude goes to God who despite my inconsistencies remains ever faithful. Then I’m grateful to the multitude of you all who have always allowed my words find expression through you. You all are golden

Aiyeyomi Olaitan Ayotunde is a Law student. He is all about writing to inspire. Victim of a failed social, economic and political system, but yet a super optimistic fellow. Lover of God.