There was this particular soap I loved and stuck to because of its effect on my skin. The texture and the scent were appreciated by my skin. I ran out of supplies at a point, and I was more or less compelled to have a change of soap. I’m not one to react to change in soaps, so there was no big deal in having a change; variety is the spice of life after all.

Shortly after the change, I noticed some reactions. Initially, I passed it off as nothing and continued with it. The breaking point was when the reaction stuck. I was already dreaming of adding the soap to my collection of soaps, and here I am having to do away with it. I was faced with two options. First, to hold on to the soap and accommodate the reaction; or second, to kiss the soap goodbye and forget about the reaction.

Applying these experience to other areas of our lives, there are certain attributes that people admire in you and they always want to hang around you. Suddenly, these people who always wanted to be around you now find every excuse to be far from you; they’ve chosen to put you at arm’s length.

Upon a deep self search, you find out that you’ve lost those attributes and they have been replaced by repulsive ones. For instance, you were once accommodating, and suddenly, you begin to snap at people. You should be sure that those reactions from those people were merely triggered by your actions.

Just as I was faced with the options of either changing the soap for good, or holding on to it to my peril, you are faced with similar options. It’s either you jettison that untoward character, and attract the right attitude to yourself, or you hold on to it and continue to endure the negative reactions.

To conclude, there might be need for change at one time or the other. However, for there to be any positive change, there is need for a conscious soul deep search, coupled with an actual change. Above all, it is only Christ that causes a permanent positive change in the life of any man.

kemi writes