Tade had engaged herself in series of prayers wanting to know what God had in store for her. Lord show me your will have been her constant plea. I have not seen any genuine child of God who doesn’t want to be at the center of God’s will for their lives so I was not the least surprised when I overheard Tade praying her regular prayers. I was however more inquisitive because I knew Tade well enough to know that she had already known her ‘will of God’ so I did not know what other will she was looking for. In my quizzical manner I asked Tade what other will of God she was praying for since she has already known her ‘will of God’. Sharing her heart desires to know the will of God, she opened my eyes to certain realities.

In many Christian circles, many have narrowed the term ‘will of God’ to marriage alone. At the mention of the phrase, all ears are inclined to know who the lucky brother or sister is. We are often carried away with the euphoria of having to get it right in marriage. This is not to disparage the notion of praying to know God’s will in marriage, but marriage is not all there is to the will of God, there is much more to it.


The Holy Writ is replete with plethora of scriptures that points us to the will of God which will be discussed further.
In John 6: 40, it was recorded as one of Christ’s saying that it is the will of the Father, that is, the will of God, that every one that sees the Son and believes on Him may have everlasting life and be raised up on the last day. In 1 Thessalonians 4: 3, we were made to understand that our sanctification is the will of God, and that we should abstain from fornication. We are equally admonished in 1 Thessalonians 5:18 that we should give thanks in every situation for it is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning us.

Paul did not also fail to admonish us on the importance of not conforming to this world, but our minds be renewed that we may what is good and perfect and acceptable will of God.(Romans 12:2). Peter also informs us that it is the will of God that with well-doing we should put to silence the ignorance of foolish men. (1 Peter 2:15).

It is the will of God that we prosper and be in health, it is the will of God that we be with Him where He is, it is the will of God that we have good homes, it is the will of God that we have all that we desire insofar they are in accordance to His will. The will of God is all encompassing.

With the overwhelming scriptural evidence of God’s innumerable will for our lives, and the abundant benefits that comes with doing His will just as Christ did (John 6: 38-40), will we continue to grope in the myopia of limiting the will of God to marriage alone?