We live in a world where people either keep their emotions all bottled up or let it all out in a rather unthinkable manner. Sometimes ago, I had a rather nasty experience with someone I knew. Having tried to suppress the anger and resentment she felt towards me, she could no longer contain it and an innocent act of mine burst her open making her to explode just as I kept watching. On the flip side, I’m one who is good at an outburst of emotions. I’d rather hold it in to the extent of tearing myself down internally while I try to maintain a calm demeanour on the outside.

What exactly is emotional explosion and implosion, and how can it be managed or eradicated?

Emotional explosion is the sudden outburst of long bottled up emotions. It occurs when a person can no longer keep the emotions to himself and bursts out especially towards other people.


On the other hand, implosion takes place on the inside. Rather than burst open, the person bursts inward and the harm is often inflicted themselves.


Whether it is an explosion or an implosion, the end of both is disastrous.

Certain factors affect how people react to situations and the pressure of compressed emotions. Temperament, life experiences, upbringing, age, etc. are factors that affect people’s reaction. For instance, mine is a combination of upbringing and temperament. Being a melancholic person, who finds it hard express myself, I used to stomach all the barrage of pain caused to me by people, and when it becomes too much for me to bear, I inflict more pain and hurt on myself by finding fault with myself and hang guilt on my neck like a necklace.

What’s the danger inherent in any of these emotional reaction to situations, Just as stated earlier, the end of both reactions are destructive. The one who explodes pours out the stored up bile on others, they have the tendency to destroy things around them, and at the moment of their explosion, they are not thinking straight. On the other side, those who rather implode than explode, carry within themselves the load of guilt and often fall into a state of perpetual depression.

Having known the danger in it, what then is the way forward? The best way to manage your emotions rather than holding it all in or letting it all out is to channel it into a positive direction. Emotions must find a way of escape, however, we can control how it escapes. For instance, if someone has done something that hurts you to the core, instead of bursting out, wait for a time when you are lucid then explain the situation as you felt, on the other hand, don’t let the hurt fester for too long before you let it out. Speaking out about how we feel towards a circumstance in a calm manner is a good way of expressing ourselves.

To conclude, coming from a Christian view-point, we could take the burden of the hurts and pain caused to us by people to the foot of the cross and leave it at the feet of Jesus. He alone is able to speak to the stormy seas of unfavourable situations.