We live in a world filled with too much noise. The distracting noise of the happenings of the world. Today we hear of a trouble arising from one country, tomorrow we hear of mass killings of people by some miscreants and violent men. At other time we hear of wars and rumours of wars. There is also the noise of the fads and facades, the pomp and show of entertainment and the glitz of riches. Humanity is faced with the sad reality of much noise and no silence.

Had it been that the noise were channeling us to something better, it would have been acceptable. It is rather unfortunate that it draws us away from the real deal. Asides the external noise, man is also plagued with the noise from within him. The noise of worry, fear and anxiety. The noise of the many burdens we have to bear.

This distracting noise has stripped us of one key thing. The major thing that ought to guide our paths and direct our steps. The important thing that ought to keep us in calmness despite the boisterousness all around. One indispensable thing that gives a life time assurance. His voice.

Our ears have been deafened by the noise, and we have shut out His voice. His voice is what keeps any man going; that still small voice that says: “this is the way to go, walk ye in it.” Our ears have become so accustomed to the noise around and they are not inclined to hear the ever saving voice. I must confess, life without His voice is vague.

Despite, the deafening noise all around, there is a promise for as many who are willing to incline their ears to His voice. He has promised to keep in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Him. (Isaiah 26:3). The world has lost her peace because her mind is not stayed on Him, and it is only those who are in a state of inward tranquility that can hear His voice.

There are many who desire to hear His voice, but the turbulence within and the disturbance without have drowned His voice. Many that hear Him at all barely hear Him because His voice is very faint to their ears. The antidote to this misnomer is to make our soul be still before Him. There is the blessedness of quietness, and O that we possess the blessing of quieting our soul and pushing out the straying noise, that we may hear His voice in accents clear and still. Your prayer should be “O that my sou be still in your presence

This voice that guides, gives peace with a lasting assurance is the voice of CHRIST. Wait on Him, hear His voice.