At one point or the other in life, we are faced with situations that plunge us in the sea of discouragement. We are often thrown in with no life jacket on because we were not prepared when the storms came rocking the boat. With no other thing in mind but survival, we begin to find our way to the shore as soon as possible, lest we suffer the fate of drowning.

This was my fate some time ago. I set to sail on a journey that would last me for a stipulated period of time. As I journeyed on, the force of the winds sent me down into the sea when I was least prepared. I had never had such devastating experience in life. With no knowledge of what to do, I was left to swim aimlessly in discouragement. It got to a point in time I had drunk more than I could contain and was almost drowning. It was at the point of drowning, i.e, giving up that I met with someone who rescued me and took me to the shore. This experience of mine birthed the tete-a-tete I had with discouragement.

ME: What have I done to get this rude intrusion to my life?

DISCOURAGEMENT: You don’t have to do anything before I come in. I invade territories when the guards least expect, and I throw them off-balance.

ME: Hmm. So, how do you go about it. Do you come in with force, or you creep in stealthily.

DISCOURAGEMENT: Haha! I creep in by bringing along with me little things into my targeted territory. I begin to make deposits of those seemly harmless things such as failure, long-standing sickness, lack, loss, etc. Out of these things, I create a mansion, I then invade.

ME: Interesting! So, in your mind you think you have gotten me and kept me captive right?

DISCOURAGEMENT: Haha! Are you just realising that. You’re going no where buddy, you’re under my control now.

ME: Well, I’m pleased to inform you that I’m no more bound by your fetters. You’ve lost me, and get ready to lose many more.

DISCOURAGEMENT: I’ll always find my way to people’s life.

ME: Wow! Your secret has been exposed, and I’m gonna spread it to the ends of the earth, so that many victims and potential victims will beware.

DISCOURAGEMENT: Please, you don’t have to do that. You’ll render me a fugitive and vagabond on the face of this earth.

ME: Well, that is what you deserve. In fact, I’ll give people tips on how to cast you out, for the many that have been held hostage by you. In short, your days are over.

DISCOURAGEMENT: Ha! Mo gbe (I’m finished). Temi bami (I am done for).

Many times we get discouraged, and remain in it because we have failed to look on the bright side of life. We have failed to count our blessings and thank God for what He has done. We often count our woes and get weighed down by the many challenges we face. The best way to overcome discouragement is to be optimistic about life, make the challenges we face move us to God, and wait patiently on Him as we count our blessings, naming them one by one.

Discouragement is deadly. It has the capacity of squeezing life out of a person, hence we must fight it with our last breath.