How will the world be without technology? What will become of the people who fail to move ahead with the technological advancement of the world? Technology is an aspect of our lives that makes living easier for us in this jet age. Technology has birthed several innovations that would not have ordinarily been born.

In the light of technological innovations, an application was developed by Thompson Olakunle aka Gasper that works like your Gmail account when it comes to backing up your contacts. The Gasper Cloud app is an efficient tool that saves you the stress and pain of loosing your contacts when you have a change of device.

The application is designed with special features to enhance easy navigation and use. You can easily save your contacts to the cloud with the backup contacts icon, there is no more hassling when you lose your device as you can easily recover all contacts from Gasper cloud with the contact restore feature. There is also a possibility of you viewing your contact even without a device. Gasper cloud enables you view your contacts online, and you’re not left out if there is no access to the internet as there is availability for offline accessibility.

Not to leave out an important aspect of the app, there is a tool that enables users share their contacts, and have a contact SIM swap- accessing your contacts from your old phone number.

Technology keeps getting better, and developers of Gasper Cloud will love to give you a smooth experience of preserving your contacts and saving costs.

We also ask for your honest review. You can download the app from Google Play Store. Check it out here