We live in a very small world where you do not have to be in direct contact with a person before you can be influenced and impacted. Distance is no longer a barrier to changing thousands of lives. This small world has afforded me the opportunity of meeting a one of a kind young man with a burning desire to see youths have a sense of direction and focus early in life. Meet our wonderful guest.

We love to know you, sir

I am Simeon Taiwo, a clarity coach, an educationist and a brand designer. I am the founder and lead coach at Clarylife Global, a platform built to help young people within the ages of 15 and 25 to develop their talents, discover their purpose and become resourceful and relevant in the society. We achieve these through our seminars, coaching programmes and information products.

Being a clarity coach, what exactly is the place of passion and clarity in achieving life’s goal?

Well, it’s very simple. Talking about the place of clarity in achieving one’s goal, what makes a goal worth the pursuit is first of all determined by its importance. If the importance of a goal is not known, then the passion won’t be there and where there is no passion, excuses are what we always find. So, it’s always important to know why a goal is important, what would be lost if not achieved, what benefits awaits the achievement and how it adds up to one’s future. When these questions have been satisfied, you see that it becomes more of a do-or-die affair and that’s where the passion comes from.

Why do you call yourself a clarity coach. How did it come about?

[Smiles] Well, that’s a beautiful question. Right from my secondary school days, one thing I discovered I was very good at is in looking for ways to break down hard concepts. I grew up as a scientist academically and I found my usefulness in being able to break down hard stuff for myself and for others. I developed a philosophy early enough in life which is, “If I can’t teach it to someone else to know it just as I claim to do, then I don’t know it well enough.” So, I love to clarify things. By the time I began on my purpose discovery journey, I found out that my burden is majorly on helping young people get clear on their journey early enough in life. I’m a living example of that by God’s grace and I help others to get the same kind of life. That’s the story behind that name. I help young people gain clarity of themselves and their life journey.

Do you think passion alone is sufficient in pursuing a dream?

Passion is not all that is required in pursuing a dream, but passion serves as the foundation on which other things are fitted. Knowledge/skill acquisition and capacity building are two inevitable requirements, but it’s only on the platform of passion that one can grow in these two areas. Passion is the fuel that drives growth in any endeavour. No matter how much you try, you can’t become what you don’t love or have passion for. Even if you’re forced, you will break down. But passion is justified when it drives you to add up knowledge, build capacity, invest time, energy and resources and build relationships in order to achieve your dreams. It’s passion that makes all of these things possible.

What advice do you have for person who has no passion for what s/he is doing, but just has to do it for the sake of the benefits.

Well, the balance of life is livelihood and liveliness. There has to be joy, sense of fulfilment and sustainability in any venture for it to be truly called successful. However, life happens and a lot of persons have been tied down to something that only fetches them either liveliness or livelihood. The advice I will give is that, if you’ve got something that you have passion for and it’s not bringing in the money, don’t just quit it. Use that thing you do that brings only the money to fund and build that one that gives you joy till it becomes profitable. By then, you can quit the one that’s only bringing money and fully focus on the system you’ve built with the one that gives you joy. But one thing in life is that if you’re just starting and you’ve not even gotten either liveliness or livelihood, please, in Nigeria that we are in, it takes time for your passion to begin to fetch you the profits. You always need to have something to support yourself by the side if you don’t want to run out of zeal due to frustration.

As a coach, how have you been able to help youths attain their desired dream?

Well, there have been testimonies of young people who have been able to attain that kind of life of impact and influence that they desired due to my teachings and expositions. However, I won’t say I have really reached pass mark. I’m still working harder to see more lives being changed. I still have a lot of work to do.

Do you have something to say to this generation of ours?

Well, one thing I will say is that having one’s eyes on the future is key to making wise decisions in the moment. The toughest reality of life is that the decision or choice that will make us great or small in life will have to come from us. So, if there is anything a young person should be watchful and careful about, it’s not what happens to him or her, but the decisions and choices made with the happenings.