When you meet someone who loves hard and smart work, then you’ve met the right person to spur you on on the path to achieving success. Tolulope is one who combines hard and smart work to achieve any feat, and I deemed it fit to have him on the blog to inspire and spur us on to the height we want to get to. Ensure you get one or two from this interview.

P.S: Tolulope aka PPROFATE is a personal friend and huge supporter. A Maths guru and professor in the incubator.

Though I’ve introduced you a little bit, can you formally make yourself known to the world.

My name is Adeliyi Tolulope Emmanuel Oladupupo. A graduate of Mathematics and Education from the prestigious university of Lagos. I am the founder and director of Emmanuel Mathematics Foundation.

As a friend, I know beyond knowing that you have a knack for success, and I know that at times, discouragement could set in. At junctions of discouragement, what keeps pushing you to attain excellence?

Well, there are so many things that can motivate one for success. And it all depends on every individual. For me, quite a number of things motivate me for excellence. One,  I have a strong believe that true believers are not mediocrities. Two, I’m always encouraged when I see people who have excelled and are excelling in my chosen field of study. Three, negative statements (e.g “I don’t think you you are capable”) triggers the passion for excellence in me. Hence, I’ve learnt to turn negative statements to positive results. Finally, the desire to be somebody in life. And this is actually common to everyone.

“The end justifies the means, hence, what is the usefulness of hard and smart work.” I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times. What’s your stance?

Yeah, some people have a mindset that a desired result is so good or important that any method, even a morally bad one, may be used to achieve it. They believe that the end justifies the means and will do anything to achieve success. Actually, to me this is a wrong belive. Any success achieved through dubious or filthy means will never last. It is always certain that nemesis would still catch up on such person. Such a person will pay for it later. Infact the Holy Book detest such act, “He that hasteth to be rich hath an evil eye, considereth not that poverty shall come upon him.” That is, there is no short cut to having riches, you must work hard. This is just one of the big challenges the educational system of our country is facing at the moment. Examination malpractice is at the top gear in most schools across the country. Students don’t want to work hard to succeed anymore, they just want to pass. This saddens my heart many times as an educationist. But I believe that things will turn around someday.

I hope so too. In our times where hard work is not properly rewarded, what do you have to say to youths who are getting discouraged from working hard and smart?

In fact, this is a really pathetic situation and it’s really affecting the commitment of many students to their studies. We live in a world where people who win dancing competition, rapping competition, cooking competition, beauty pageant, miss this and that are rewarded greatly while those who worked so hard to achieve outstanding success in their academics are rewarded poorly. Nevertheless, I will still encourage those who are still dedicated to achieve greatness in their academics that, they should not give up. Let’s keep our mind positive that one day, our country will wake up to start doing the right thing and if it doesn’t happen like that, then, when God also takes us to that position of wealth after all the diligent work, we should make sure we join our hands together to start rewarding those who are performing greatly academically the way we think it should be.

Knowing you to be a scholar, how have you been able to handle successes from puffing you up?

(Smiles) just like apostle Paul said in the holy book that, “I am what I am by the grace of God”. Thus, whatever I am today is by the grace of God. I have nothing to glory of save in Christ. If everything in this world is ‘vanity upon vanity’, then why should we be proud. Naked we came, naked we shall return back to the Lord.  The important thing is to possess the real thing that grants one access to eternal life.

All through, we’ve been saying hard work and smart work. Is there a difference?

“Hard Work is when one does some work dedicatedly. Smart work is when someone does the same amount of work, faster and more efficiently.”(shivam). You wonder why some students in the higher institution who go for over night readings back to back and as well manage to read during the day fail woefully while those who don’t even spend much time reading get the highest result or grades in class. It’s because they do not just work hard, but they also added smartnesss to their work. It’s not all about reading all, but it’s about reading well. Hard work is spending a lot of time doing a lot of things while smart work is spending less amount of time doing the right things. Hard work is mostly quantity oriented while smart work is quality as well as goal oriented. People who just work hard do tedious work in a traditional way but those who chose to work smartly do the work in a creative way to get more results.

We’ve had a good time learning from you, what are your parting words to those coming behind you.

Never be satisfied with your current level, state, or achievements. Quest to go higher than where you are now and never forget to never give up when there is still a way for you. Let’s join hands together to improve the educational system of our beloved country. Let’s say NO to examination malpractices and any dubious means to achieving ‘success’. Diligence is what brings Distinction.

Thank you very much.