Could you introduce yourself, sir?

I am Charles Ayidu. I’m a writer and editor. I’m married to an extremely virtuous woman and we are blessed with a son.

What are your core interest and hobbies?

Generally, I’m interested in helping young maximise their potential. I’m also interested in Literature: African literature, Environmental literature and African-American literature. My hobbies include reading and singing.

With the look of things around us, do you think a long lasting marriage is attainable?


If yes, how can this be, seeing the increasing rate of divorce?

First, I believe it is possible because that’s God’s intention of marriage—that it would last till death. Divorce is never God’s desire. The reason divorce is on the rise in different parts of the world is because many people gave jettisoned God’s manual and have drawn up their own rules regarding marriage. It is the same with marriage as it is with every other invention in life. You cannot throw away the manufacturer’s manual and hope to properly utilize the invention. When people neglect God’s Word in their marriage, they create problems for themselves and their marriage. So, following God’s principles written in His Word is the foundation for success in marriage.

What are your soothing words to ailing marriages?

Well, I want to first reassure them that many successful marriages had their challenging moments. This means that there is hope for every ailing marriage, no matter how bad it may seem. As can be gleaned from the marriage at Cana in John chapter 2, Jesus is interested in healing marriages. When He is allowed to take control, He turns the bitter waters to wine.

What are the impacts of a godly marriage on the society?

The impacts are unquantifiable. Every rot in society always begin in the home. A society can only be great if individual homes are. Godly homes produce godly societies and broken homes will create broken societies.

What do you have to say to those yet to be married, waiting with bated breath to have the experience?

Marriage is great if you yet married to the right person, but if you Mary the wrong person, it can be a hell. Therefore, I’ll advice that as a future husband or wife, It’s important that you seek to know God’s mind for your marriage. This is the first and best place to start. God instituted marriage, so, read  the manufacturer’s manual. Find out what God says concerning marriage. Believe His promises and pray them into your family. Additionally, faith and patience are important keys as you look forward to getting married. Have faith in God and be patient when He leads. As the Scripture admonishes, “be followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promise” (Hebrews 6:12).

God bless you.

At this juncture, we come to the end of the interview session. Watch out for a change in the blog!