Holla! I’m so glad I’m changing my name. It’s been really good bearing my previous name, but as we all know, change is the only constant thing in life, and a change has come. I’m so sure you’re excited with me.

Some couple of months ago, I got engaged with something I really loved and had occupied my thoughts all the time. My friends and acquaintances could see the love for this thing spelt all over me. Initially, I thought I was going to face rejection if I introduced my new love to those around, but I dared the consequence and voila! I and my love were accepted.

And now, I can boldly talk about my love without holding back. I can freely express my mind to anyone who cares to listen about it. There is nothing holding me back, and I will speak of my love to the ends of this earth, and God willing till I breathe my last.

Wait! Before you get all worked up and probably confused, no, I’m not married. I’m engaged to no man. The name that is changing is my blog name. Yep! We are changing from TOUCHING LIVES to HOME TALKS. The lover I’m talking about is the love I have for family matters, happy and blissful homes, and yes, that’s what my blog is going to focus on now.

I’m grateful for the many lives that have been touched so far, and I’m trusting God for the many lives and homes that will be transformed through this blog. Keep your fingers crossed. We are coming out hotter and better.

Watch out for the UNVEILING!