In the previous post, I had spoken about our change of name, and I remember telling you to watch out for the unveiling. Right here, I’ll be sharing so many things that brought about this change in the focus of the blog.

For the past one and half years or thereabout, the blog had been an all-purpose (focusing on every facet of life) blog, and there have been several testimonies of what God has achieved through it. All through the period, I’ve enjoyed the process of having to write to serve people. There were pleasures, and there were pain, encouragements and discouragements, amongst the many other ups and downs.

I am always thrilled when I see homes being built the way God planned it, and I have always desired a happy home. Let me let you into my mind a bit. Often times, I find myself painting a picture of how I want my home to be, and it’s nothing short of the God way. I read tons of books on marriage (more than half of my online library are books on marriage) and most importantly, I commission it into the all mighty hands of the Author.

I do not desire the God way kind of marriage for myself only. I desire it for as many singles who are yet to get married, married people who are not enjoying the bliss God created marriage for, and those who are choked by fear of the false views of marriage being perpetuated. So, as much as I may be writing for you, yes YOU! I’m equally writing for myself, my home and my kids unborn.
The blog is going to be a mix of articles, stories and poems. Isn’t that nice? Let’s get ready for a great time together.

I sincerely pray and hope that this blog fulfills the mandate it has been commissioned for, and it brings about the necessary transformation in our hearts and homes. Though I was reluctant to start this, waiting for a better time (when I eventually get married), I realized that there is no better time than NOW!

We formally declare this blog glorious in the name of the FATHER, SON , and HOLY SPIRIT.


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