“I love you,” he said, his mouth nibbling on my earlobes and his hands circled around my waist. I had heard these same words from guys before, but this was different. He had a way of melting my heart with his soft, feminine voice, and he knew the right words to make my heart flutter.
I’ve never fallen in love before, but I fell helplessly when I met him. The chemistry between us felt good. I saved my fears in my heart.

I had been a church girl all my life; I felt it was time I had fun. “It wouldn’t hurt,” I told myself. I had barely known him for two weeks when we started our touching and fondling escapade. I couldn’t have enough of him. When we shared a kiss, I held on to him as if my life depended on it. My spirit whispered “cut it off,” but my flesh screamed “this is pure bliss, relish in it.”

I ignored the fears in my heart. I was enjoying the romance. After all, he said he loved me. He promised to marry me and I couldn’t wait for the day he will propose.

During the school holiday, he invited me to his house in Lagos Island. As usual, his company was fun, and he was caring too. I was so carried away with the glee of it all that I lost touch of time. When I realised it was already past seven in the evening, I said I should take my leave but he will hear none. He said it was late already and he can’t allow me go back to the mainland at such an hour. I stayed after much persuasion.

We were sitting on his rug, wrapped in each other’s arm, entertaining ourselves with a movie. Then he began to kiss my nape, before long he was kissing me everywhere, his hands traversing my body unhindered. He loosened the button of my shirt and tugged at my skirt. I tried to stop him but his mouth closed mine up and I became lost in the aura of his words: “Baby,” he said, “Your neck is like a tower of ivory…” kissing my neck. “Your eyes are like the fish-pools in Heshbon,” he stopped and looked deep into my eyes.

The desire I saw in his was intense, like mine. I drew his face nearer to mine, and I drank of him, shutting away the voice protesting in my heart. I opened myself to him. It all ended the moment he came off me. A sad emptiness replaced the euphoria.

Tears stung my face, slowly they trickled till they burst forth like a fountain. I had lost it. I first lost my sanity, then my dignity, and I think I’ll soon lose my life. He seemed unperturbed. Through the mist that covered my eyes I could see a scornful grin spread across his face.

“Do you really love me?” I asked. He gave no reply. Looking into his eyes, something else had replaced the desire I saw in them — a selfish satisfaction. I knew what that meant.

The hate that filled his heart superceded the love he proclaimed. His sweet nothings came flashing back to my memory, and filled me with bitter rage. All the tricks to get between my legs, and he did.