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A wave of nausea hit me. What could that be? As though there had been a conspiracy, my stomach churned and I ran to the toilet. This is the second month I have missed my period and I’ve been sick for sometime. I went to the pharmacy to get a pregnancy kit to confirm my fears. Could I be pregnant, could it be…, no, it has to be pregnancy.

I got the kit without informing my husband. I wanted to surprise him. I collected my urine in a cup and dipped the testing stick into it. I waited with bated breath expecting what the result would be. Disappointment hit me when I saw “not pregnant.”

I informed hubby when he arrived from work and together we went to see our family doctor in charge of my case. The necessary tests were carried out, and as soon as the nurse arrived with the result, I charged at the doctor.

“Please tell me I’m preg-“

“Madam, you’ll have to calm down,” doctor Balogun said. “The reason you missed your period is because of hormonal imbalance due to stress. I’ll give you some medication to take care of that. As for the vomiting and sickness, I’ll treat you for malaria. Madam, you’ll have to give up on child birth and try other-“

“Thanks, doctor. I’ll be fine.” I said weeping, my husband supporting me as we left the hospital.

I used the drugs as prescribed, and things became normal again. Just as the doctor said, the drugs aided my ovulation, and the malaria had gone.

“Why would you talk like this.” I snapped at him. “Must you join the world to say I’m barren? I thought you were claiming faith? Have you lost your faith, Mr. Mountain moving faith?”

A month after my visit to the hospital, I was preparing dinner when my husband walked up to me. “Babe, why don’t we follow doctor Balogun’s suggestion and opt for adoption, at least we’ll have a child to call our own.” He said.

“I’m sorry. I never meant to hurt you.” He said, walking out of the kitchen.

Guilt gnawed in my heart, but I was too stubborn to admit at that moment. My mouth has been loose and seems to have lost its grace. The worst hit was my husband who has been supportive and unwilling to yield to his mother’s advice of getting a second wife, at least to give him children even if there would be nothing else attached.

Over dinner, I apologized to my husband, and he graciously forgave. My mind was calmer, and we discussed his suggestion.

The adoption process was tedious, and I wanted to give up many times. My husband kept nudging me, assuring me it will be worth it at the end. The joy of having a baby to call mine will surpass the pain.

Having lost my faith and given up on God because of my fate, my husband through prayers strengthened me and helped me reconnect to God. With a new lease of freshness and faith in God, I vowed to take care of the adopted child as the child of my womb, giving the child a family. Though I hadn’t conceived him in my womb, I conceived him in my heart. When the process was completed and we were allowed to take the child, we named him Oluwagbadura (God answers prayers).

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