“I do not seem to understand you in this house. Your attitude these days is amazing. All you do is work work work. You give us everything except yourself. Did I marry money? I married you, but it seems I’ve lost you!” an enraged Brenda was ranting at her husband.

“Are you done?” Jasper responded.

“Can you imagine the rubbish you just said. Your insensitivity dazzles me. Your sudden coldness and brashness amazes me. And your stupid attitude of thinking all we need is your useless money irritates me.”
In his rage, Jasper charged at his wife and grabbed her by the neck.

“Why are you such a foolish ingrate. I toil day and night so I can give you and your children a good life, yet all you can use to say thank you is breathing down on my neck saying all sorts. Well, I can’t blame you, you lazy housewife.” Saying this, he grabbed his laptop, stormed out of the room, leaving a weeping Brenda.

Problems like this have wrecked many homes, leaving each member to lick their sores. When such situations arise, there is usually tension between the parties, so, it gets difficult to resolve the matter amicably.

The mistake many men make is holding the opinion that once they provide the bacon, there is nothing else for them to do. This has led to the neglect of their family; producing a nagging wife who seeks intimacy and companionship, and children who compete with money for the love and time of their father.

Beyond providing financial security, men are responsible for everything that happens at the home front. The love and care for his wife to the firm and tender discipline and parenting of his children rests on his shoulders. A basic understanding of this makes a man not to lose the required balance for a happy home.

Dear husbands and husbands to be, you’re more than a cash doling machine. It’s important to work. Even the Bible says a man that doesn’t provide for those of his household is worse than an infidel. This doesn’t mean that a man should be consumed in making money to the detriment of his family’s emotional, spiritual and psychological welfare.

Over to the wives and wives to be, when such issues arise in your home, look for a way to respectfully call your husband’s attention to the potential threat, and ensure you speak in love. Don’t go into name calling and character assassination. Remember, a wise woman builds her house, but the foolish destroys it with her hands.

Men, don’t be a Jasper. Women, don’t be a Brenda.

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