There are certain things that make a man attracted to a woman and vice versa. The main form of attraction this post will cover is the physical attraction that serves as a magnetic force between a man and a woman.

It’s common knowledge that men are highly visual beings and they are moved by what they see. Before I move on, I’d advice you read this in the context of marriage so you do not misconstrue and misapply what you’ll read.

Asides the spiritual aspect of choosing a spouse, an influencing force is how physically attracted both parties are to each other. God leads, attraction is there, and the marriage clicks. During the first few years of the marriage, the centre of the attraction is there, but along the line, life happens and the attraction begins to wane.

Sadly, many women fall into this trap. While single and searching, they were on their toes, always prim and proper because they never could tell when their knight would show up. Once they get married and the kids start rolling in, they lose grip of themselves and get comfortable with the title ‘Mrs and mummy.’

They are no longer searching, neither are they being sought after so there is no need to keep looking good. They become lax and sloppy in their appearance, turning themselves to glorified grandmothers at their youthful age. Before long, they lose their attraction and the feminine touch that made their husbands look their way in the first place.

Yes, we know life happens. Children are coming in quick succession. You have the role of wife, mother and career woman to play. It’s not easy to keep up with your single lifestyle because of added responsibility, and on and on. Well, these and many more are ‘good’ excuses that could cause a problem in your home, with your husband.

Now that we know this. What is the way forward?

The first solution to this problem is to deal with the mindset that you’re married and no longer searching. Once you win this battle in your mind, you’ve won half of the remaining battle. The fact that you’re now married and not searching is not a license to lose grip of your feminine touch that made your husband come calling at the first.

Know this. If you’re not searching, there are many strange women searching to get the attention of your husband. Don’t play your husband into their net.

Register it in your subconscious that men are moved by what they see. What picture are you painting for your man to see. No man wants to come home to see his grandma every other day. Do away with the wrapper tying, unkempt hair, dry skin and the rest. Be the attractive young woman he married. Let him know he is coming to meet his wife, not his grandma. If you are adding excess fat, seek for ways to shed off and keep fit.

Take out time for yourself to get adequate rest so you don’t burn off from the stress of having to joggle several responsibilities. A little me time would do you and your family a whole lot of good. Life would put a whole lot of pressure on you, but you are more than the pressure.

As I conclude, I’ll shift my focus to the men because they also have a major part to play.

You love your wife to be attractive, what have you done to help build the attraction you want? How often do you relieve your wife from the burden of the numerous domestic responsibility she wears on her shoulders? How many times have you used your words to build her up rather than tear her down?

How often do you allow her take time to cool off from the heat of the home front? When last did you take initiative to help her get back the shape she lost due to child birth?

This and many more are questions you will need to ask yourself if you want to build the attraction you so much desire. Remember, you’re the major stakeholder of your wives attraction.