First and foremost, I’ll want to wish you a happy new year! It’s of the Lord’s mercies we are alive to see the end of a 365-day cycle and to begin the 1st day of another. I’ll use this opportunity to thank God on your behalf for showering you with the grace to see this year many wished and planned to see but death gave them no chance. I’m sure you’re grateful just as I am.

Yeah, we all know it’s a new year, and it’s the beginning of a journey through 12 months of uncertainties. An important question I’ll want to ask you is what makes the year new in your life? Is it the change of date, or the change of the year, or the shouts of ‘Happy New Year’ that rends the air. Nothing is going to be new about the year to you if you stick to old unproductive habits. The year will be new to you based on the new things you do differently. You don’t expect to do things the same way and get different results. Old processes don’t produce new results.

Wait! This is beyond new year resolutions. Far from it. This is intentional living with divine grace. The way you do things in your home, with your spouse and kids will determine the newness of the year.

It’s a new year, yes! It’s a year that you’ve never experienced, yes! So, what are the new habits you’re going to form this year and live by with the grace of God. I’ll point out some habits you can form or build on in relating with your family this brand novel year.

As a parent, train yourself not to shout your children into submission or learning. It is an unproductive style of child training, particularly with children of this age.

Treat your spouse with all honour and dignity. Have it at the back of your mind that your spouse is a reflection of how you treat them.

Treat your spouse with all honour and dignity. Have it at the back of your mind that your spouse is a reflection of how you treat them. Click To Tweet

Talk with and to your children. Don’t talk at them.

When dealing with your child’s shortcomings, don’t attack the surface, get to the root of the issue.

Handle your spouse the same way you handle a treasure God gives you. They are God’s gift to you.

Know that heaven is the goal of every believer. Don’t do to your spouse what will jeopardise their chances of making it. Understand that you both are joint-heirs of grace.

Introduce your children to righteousness, not religion.

Introduce your children to righteousness, not religion. Click To Tweet

Strive to maintain your spiritual attraction just as you work on keeping up with the physical attraction.

Appreciate your children even if what they have done is what they ought to do. It stirs them to do more.

This and many more are things you can decide to do this year if you’re not doing them, and to keep doing more if you’ve been doing so before now.

To you, my single friend. You might feel this post is not relevant to you. First, every knowledge gained is an investment for the future. There will surely be a time you’ll reap the dividends. In the meantime, keep investing in your future marriage by reading relevant materials, pray prayers, and develop yourself in every area of your life. Cheers to a more fruitful year.