The first thing to be considered before going into the qualities should be asking the question, “who is a husband and who is a father?” The Bible makes us understand that he that finds a wife has obtained favour from God. However, for someone to find a wife, he himself must be a husband because it is impossible for a boy to find a wife. Being a husband is not in the form (title), but in the substance.

Who is a father? You can be a father in terms of producing children, but not a father in the terms of shouldering your responsibilities. Any boy  who has matured can be a father, but does not necessarily mean he is a father in deed and in truth.

You know the Bible says by their fruit ye shall know them. So, by their qualities (fruits) ye shall know them. Let’s go look at their qualities together. Shall we?

A responsible husband is one whose heart is ruled by the fear of God.

He understands he is the priest of his home who will lead his family to the promised land.

He loves his wife just as Christ loved the church and gave himself for it.

He ensures the overall welfare of his household and makes sure nothing is lacking.

He carries the financial burden of his home, but doesn’t see it as all he has to do.

He joyfully helps around in the house, not leaving the domestic chores to his wife when he is available.

He is not insensitive to all the needs of his wife and children.

He doesn’t leave the responsibility of parenting to his wife to shoulder.

He doesn’t loaf around, while he expects his wife to slave for him.

He is not one to bark orders at his household, but he leads by example. He is a servant-leader.

He embraces fatherhood and understand that fatherhood is beyond finance.

He is more than a sperm donor because he is involved in the life of his children.

He seeks the protection of his family from any harmful/unhealthy external influence.

He can never be caught idle.

He loves and cherishes his wife as his own self.

He renders to his wife her due benevolence without hesitation.

The above list is definitely not exhaustive. There is more to it.

While we train our daughters to be responsible wives and mothers, let us not fail to train our sons to be responsible husbands and fathers.

Are there any qualities you want to add? Do so in the comment section. Make sure you do!