“Kiddos, it’s time for house cleaning!” Tayo called, announcing to his children their usual Saturday morning routine.

Tayo’s kids are always more than excited when it comes to domestic chores because no one is left out in the fun. This has made home keeping a lot easier for Bola, Tayo’s wife.

“Yippee! The children screamed, running down the stair with glee.

“Dad, it’s my turn to clean the living room today. Tola cleaned it last week.” Tumi said.

“No, dad!” Tumi countered. “I like cleaning the living room. It is my permanent duty.” Tola replied.

The squabble continued for about five minutes as Tayo and Bola watched on.

“Enough!” Bola said. “Tola love, clean the dining area this week. You’ll clean the living room next week. Clean your room too.”

“Tumi, clean the living room and your room too. My husband and I will be in the kitchen.”

“Dad, what of our bonding song?” Tumi and Tola chorused.

“Oops! I almost forgot. Both of you should agree on a song and put on the stereo so we can sing along as we do our work.”

“All right, dad.” They chorused.

Many households these days go about domestic chores as though it were a drudgery. Most times, they are nonchalant in carrying out the task and often they put the burden on the shoulders of one person. Things like this have been observed to cause strains in family relationships, or to build a wedge amongst members of the family.

Performing domestic tasks rather than seeing it as a cross to carry by members of the household can become a good time to bond as family. When everyone is involved in the activities, teamwork is developed. No one feels cheated and no one bears all the burden. Everyone is also conscious of keeping the house clean because they’ve experienced a fair share of home cleaning.

In this world where many are caught up in a rat race, creating time to work together as a family helps us spend quality time together, trashing out issues that may be eating them up. Parents could use that as an opportunity to know their children better as conversations can be initiated, with the parents directing them in a manner that courts the child’s openness. Spouses could also use that time to share their feelings, experiences and the events that occurred in their lives over the week.

Carrying out chores as a family could also be turned to a good fun time in the family. Life shouldn’t be all seriousness with no play. If there’s anyone you’re to have fun with, it should be your family. Create memories while you maintain and keep your house clean. For instance, all members of the family can be involved in washing the car, not because it’s a task too great for a person, but because it is an opportunity to create memories and laugh off the stress as a family.

Wrapping up, working together as a family creates friendship relationship between parents and children, and amongst children as well. It also builds emotional intimacy amongst couples which could eventually lead to physical intimacy. It also brings about team spirit, and it strengthens the cords of love and the ties that binds the family together.

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