Hey! This is me opening up a part of my life. This is subtle vulnerability.

So, recently, about 3 months ago I started blogging on marriage and family life. I’m sure it left questions in the mind of some people and it was not strange to some. Some may wonder why I changed my focus from my all-purpose writing to focus on a subject matter. Well, I’m about to unveil the reasons.

A friend of mine often makes jest of me that even if I see a group of rats gathering together discussing on marriage, I’ll join them in the discussion. Well, I love marriage, I talk marriage, you can wake me up from sleep to talk about marriage (please don’t wake me up), and now, I blog marriage.

So, to the reasons.


I can say this is the chiefest of reasons. Years back (I think while I was still in secondary school) I have always had and still have a picture of how my marriage will be. There are some things I’ve blogged about that will serve as a reminder to me when the need arises. There might some things I might forget, the blog will be a safe landing for me.


I’ve caught myself over and over again pondering on what it takes to build a happy home. I always watch couples interaction with themselves anytime I’m privileged to be amongst couples. One thing we should know is that the family is the smallest and most important unit of the society. Many of the societal problems we are faced with stems from the family. When homes are stable, the society will be stable. When the home is dysfunctional, no doubt the society will be inevitably dysfunctional. So, another reason I chose to blog on marriages is to use my God given gift to build happy homes by God’s grace.


Yes you! I write for you my single friend. I write for you my married friend. The best time to build and paint the picture of the kind of home you want as a bachelor or bachelorette is while you’re still single. As a married person, you have a chance to learn, unlearn and relearn. Do you see why this blog is for you. Many homes will be saved if only we are ready to invest in our knowledge bank.

Above all, I’ll want you to understand that a harmonious marriage is one that is built on Christ, the foundation of marriage. Having Christ and doing all the things you’re expected to do to keep your marriage guarantees you a home that is heaven on earth. Indeed, marriage is a beautiful thing.

Since I said three, I’ll stop at three. Drop your comments on how the blog has been so far. See you there.